a) Providing documents and resources to serve the needs of teaching, learning, and scientific research activities;

b) Managing the website system, library management software, and computer systems;

c/ Developing, managing, and exploiting electronic learning materials;

d/ Managing facilities and equipment.


a) Organizing the processing, arranging, storing, preserving, and managing of document sources; establishing an integrated retrieval system; setting up automated networks for accessing and searching information; constructing electronic databases;

b) Organizing the service and guiding readers on how to utilize, search and access document resources and information services offered by the Center effectively in compliance with legal regulations;

c) Receiving and putting accepted scientific research works; workshop proceedings; master theses, doctoral dissertations of officials, lecturers, students, learners; sponsored and donated publications; exchanged materials from Libraries and Learning Resource Centers in domestic and abroad into operation;

d) Supplementing information resources and materials in Vietnamese and foreign languages to meet the needs of teaching, learning, and scientific research;

e) Associating and cooperating with Libraries, Learning Resource Centers, organizations, and individuals in receiving, sponsoring, aiding, exchanging information resources, professional experience, and participating in information networks under the Regulation of the University and Law;

f) Implementing research and application of scientific and technological achievements to library and learning materials;

g) Organizing fee-based activities and services under the Regulation of Law and assigned functions and responsibilities;

h) Refusing to receive and serve documents contrary to the Regulation of Law, principles, and regulations of the University;

i) Coordinating with relevant units in the University to manage and exploit the server system, website system, and applications, ... to which the Center is granted the right to exploit;

j) Performing other tasks as assigned by the Directoral Board.