I. General Regulations

1. When entering the library to use the service, readers must present their library cards and put bags/backpacks into the right places.  

2. Library cards are official cards, student cards, and learner cards issued by Tra Vinh University and granted the right to use by the Centre of Excellence in Learning Resources and Innovation (CELRI). Students who havenot had student cards can use the Admission Registration Form (Voucher B issued by the Student Affairs Department), tuition fee receipt, or ID with a photo.

3. Readers are responsible for preserving their cards, not allowed to lend their cards to others and to use others’ cards. If the card is lost, it must be reported immediately to the librarians.

4. When visiting the library, readers follow the University's dress code regulations. They are not allowed to bring food or drinks into the bookstores and computer labs. They must maintain a clean, tidy, civilized and pedagogical environment.

5. Readers do not carry incendiary or explosive substances. Readers are not allowed to smoke and are obliged to present materials and items taken out of the library for inspection upon the librarian's request.

6. Readers only take documents out of the reading rooms or storage areas by borrowing them. Readers are not allowed to swap, cut, fold, mark, or damage any materials; to write or take notes on the pages of books, newspapers, magazines, or other documents. Readers must conserve desks/tables , chairs, shelves, cabinets, machinery, equipment, and other items of the library.

7. Copying library materials must comply with the Regulation of the University and Law on Copyright and under the guidance of librarians.

8. Readers who do not belong to Tra Vinh University but need to use the library must have a Letter of recommendation from their respective organization, accompanied by their ID card, deposit fee, and service fee as prescribed by the University’s regulations.

II. Reader Service Time

Mondays to Sundays

1. Resources in Vietnamese Language and in Foreign Languages Rooms:

- Mornings: From 7:05 to 10:55

- Afternoons: From 13:05 to16:55

- Evenings: From 18:00 to 20:55 (Sundays off)

2. Self-study Rooms/Areas, Group discussion Rooms, Computer Room: From 07:00 to 21:00 (except Sunday evenings).